PBP Schedule

Sports play-by-play schedule on 98.9 WXCO, wxcofm.com, and the Simple Radio app by searching WXCO (subject to change). (96.3 FM indicates a broadcast on our sister station WJMT and online at bluejay963.com)

*Sports stream 2 means game will be broadcast live on wxcofm.com Sports 2 stream and on tape delay on SportsFan 98.9 over the air.*

PBP Schedule

Mon., 11/30:  NFL:  Seattle @ Philadelphia, 6:30 pm (98.9 FM) 

Tues., 12/1:  Marathon girls’ BB @ Newman, 6:45 pm (98.9 FM) 

                      CW Storm hockey vs. Wis Valley Union, 7:40 pm (airs live on Sports 4 stream at wxcofm.com and JIP after BB on Sports Fan 98.9)

                       Merrill/East hockey @ Marshfield, 6:45 pm (98.9 FM) 

Thurs., 12/3: Wausau West hockey @ DC Everest in Marathon Cup, 5:10 pm (98.9 FM)

Mosinee hockey vs. East/Merrill in Marathon Cup, 7:10 pm (98.9 FM)

Fri., 12/4: Wausau West boys’ BB @ DC Everest, 7:00 pm (98.9 FM)

Mosinee boys’ BB vs. Tomahawk, 7:00 pm (live on wxcofm.com Sports 4 stream & tape delay on Sports Fan 98.9 after West game)

Sat., 12/5: Wausau West and Mosinee hockey in Marathon Cup, times TBD (98.9 FM)